Whether I'm in front or behind the mic and camera, I stay on my grind. I don't sell dreams. I'm just trying to create opportunities.
I was raised in the small town of Lemoore, Ca. where opportunities seem rare.  Music was my first passion and along this journey I've managed to develop skills in photography and graphic design as well.

My music tells various stories/experiences, not to influence, but, simply to vent and allow the youth to learn from the mistakes.  It ranges from street rap to relationship based songs.  Keeping an open mind and always looking to network with other serious artists. I started as just another local recording artist and have become an Audio Engineer, Graphic Artist, and Photographer (C.N. the Shot)

"I'm not a hypocrite, but, I've made enough mistakes in life to learn from them and do right.  I don't write music to teach people right from wrong.  Follow in my footsteps and the future is inevitable."  My music has changed from the beginning days and I try to be versatile with content.   "When you understand that the music business is Music & Business you learn to make the necessary changes to reach the goals you set.  Advancement demands change and the hard work indeed pays off." What started off as just a hobby has expanded into a business


Photographer: C.N.theShot

Musician: Cisko

Studio: Hav-Hart Productions