I don't sell dreams. I'm just trying to create opportunities.

Creator of music and visuals. Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Mix Engineer



Audio Engineer


Book your session or send in your files to be mixed.

Graphic Designer

High Quality graphics at a reasonable price


Portrait photgraphy. Seein' the Shot and capturing the moment.


MIX ENGINEER. I started as a Recording Artist and learned many of the struggles that come with it through first hand experience.  I quickly grew an interest in everything that goes on behind the scenes of production, marketing, sales, etc.  I told myself that one day I would have my own studio and I accomplished that (Made Of Brown Productions).   My goal isn't to get rich off studio time, but, rather to help other artists with releasing their own music and making back their investment.  I value my work and do my best to deliver the best quality for everyone I work with. -Hav-Hart Productions

GRAPHIC DESIGN became a passion of mine when I seen my first album cover back in 1999.  I learned the basics quick and always try to outdo myself for every client.   I'm a firm believer that image sells.  I originally purchased my first point and shoot camera simply to take photos of artists for album covers and that eventually led to becoming a photographer.

PHOTOGRAPHY has become a passion of mine.  I was gifted my first dslr camera just as an upgrade and after posting a few photos of my daughter that I shot for a modeling portfolio, I received messages inquiring about my photography service. (which was non existent at that point).  I booked my first client and since then have established myself as a photographer based out of Central California (C.N. the Shot Photography)